Heating and air conditioning service; choosing the right HVAC system

Before you choose a HVAC system, you need to determine the heating and ventilation load for your building. The calculations are important because they help you determine the ideal size and capacity of a system that will serve your building. When these calculations are being done, certain environmental factors and design elements of the house are put into consideration. Follow us on Facebook for few important things that we as HVAC experts feel that you should know about heating and ventilation load before installing a heating and air conditioning service.

Factors that determine the heating and ventilation load

When determining the heating load, the following factors should be put into consideration:

  • The amount of heat needed to make the air that enters the building as ventilation hot.
  • The amount of heat needed to heat up the air that comes into the building through cracks in the windows, and also the air that comes in through the door when people are entering and exiting the building.
  • The amount of heat that is distributed through all areas that are exposed to unheated locations in the building.

There are also other factors that are put into considerations when calculating the heating load. The important thing is allowing experts like us to carry out the calculations because we will be in a better position to make accurate estimations.

The method used in estimating the heating load

Below are the steps that are normally followed when estimating the heating load:

  • We as the experts will carry out an assessment of the prevailing weather conditions outside the building.
  • We will determine the amount of desirable heating air inside the building.
  • We will assess the temperatures in adjoining unheated locations.
  • We will choose a co-efficient of heat transmission.
  • We estimate the amount of heat that is lost through cracks, doors, windows and other openings.
  • We estimate heat loss from the underground area.

After assessing all these factors, we put together the estimates and help come up with a HVAC system that has the ideal capacity to regulate temperatures in your building. The main benefit of having the bone hvac|heating and cooling is that you will not have to pay excessive heating bills because of inappropriate systems.

Improving energy efficiency in the home

There are other tricks that we normally use to make sure that even though your home is well heated during all the seasons, you are not paying energy bills through your nose. In addition to installation of the systems, we will also make sure that all the routes that heat loss in the home occurs through are sealed. In case your doors and windows are no longer energy efficient, we will recommend replacements for the sake of improving your comfort levels when at home.

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