About central air conditioning repair service: Ways to winterize your home

Everyone is always trying to see how they can save money, especially when it comes to utility bills. When the winter sets in, everyone will be tempted to crank up the heating system in order to stay warm, but the realization that the energy bill is getting cranked up at the same time gets people worried. However, it is possible to have a warm home in the winter, fresh and warm air and to avoid paying that extra cost that is thought to come with it. We have a few tips on central air conditioning repair service, maintenance and other guidelines to keep you warm in the winter.

Turn down the thermostat

Most of the times, people forget to turn down their thermostats when they leave the house in the morning. While it will probably feel okay to find the house nice and warm when you get back, it is not worth the extra cost you will face in utility bills. It is still possible to have the house warm within an hour or two of getting home when you turn down the thermostat. Also, we recommend installation of a new and state of the art thermostat system. These systems are programmable. Some are so efficient that after learning your patterns of entering and leaving the house, they will turn the heat down and turn it back up when it is an hour or so to the time you normally get back home.

Clean and change air filters

Dirty air filters are one of the major reasons why people suffer through having to live in a stuffy room. When the filters are clogged, they do not remove pollen, dust and other debris from the system. What is even worse is that they could be the causing the distribution of pollutants throughout the home and this could be making you and your family sick. In case you have recurrent allergies, the HVAC system could be the culprit.

Reverse the ceiling fans

Most people do not know that it is possible to use the ceiling fans to keep the house warm. Once you turn the ceiling fans to rotate in an anti-clockwise direction, the fans will start pushing the warm air down and this will keep the home warm.

Schedule maintenance before the cold season

Most of our customers do not realize that when the winter begins, the cost of getting HVAC experts go out to them goes up. To save money, we advise that as many repairs as possible to be done for all electric appliances like  indoor air quality,air handlers,airconditiong before the cold season starts . This will help determine whether the system has issues before they get huge and complicated.

These are some simple central air conditioning repair service tips that can help you to properly winterize the home. When your home is energy efficient, you stay warm and save on the energy bills.

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